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CVs: Italian 2019 - English 2019 - Francais 2013


Andrea Marescotti's research covers the following subjects:

 -  Origin food, Geographical Indications, PDO-PGI products analysis, evaluation of the effects of Geographical Indication protection

 -   Food quality and labelling, food quality standards

 -   Alternative and short agri-food supply-chains, local food, farmers' markets

 -  Supply-chain analysis, coordination mechanisms, food marketing;

 -   Rural economy, rural development policies

-    Agri-tourism, rural tourism, food and wine tourism


Andrea Marescotti's Publications


Past research (download)


Ongoing research


GI-ADAPT - Institutional conditions for the adaptability of quality standards of Austrian and Italian Geographical Indications

ROBUST Rural-Urban Outlooks: Unlocking Synergies

SUS-TER Networking Knowledge, Skills, and Competencies for an Inclusive and SustainableTerritorial Valorizazion of Cultural Heritage, Origin Products, and Biodiversity

ASSET - Agroecology and Safe food System Transitions in Southeast Asia

COACH - Collaborative Agri-food Chains: Driving Innovation in Territorial Food Systems and Improving Outcomes for Producers and Consumers (2020-2023) (European Commission, Coordinate and support actions)






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