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Agri-food Economics

University of Florence - LM: Design of Sustainable Tourism Systems - Code: B019356; CFU: 6  

18th June 2022

Contents in short


Basics of agricultural economics. Supply, demand, and markets. The specificities of agriculture

The evolution of agriculture: from productivism to multifunctionality

The agribusiness. Processing, distribution, consumption

The Common Agricultural Policy and its evolution.

Food quality, typical products, short food supply-chain.

Food tourism.







- 11th July 2022 h.14.30 (D5/003)

- 8th September 2022 h.10.00 (D6/004)


Registration to the exam

All students must be registered on Moodle platform, course Agrifood Economics, to take the exam. No password for registration. After registered to the official exam, students will receive detailed information by Professor.



IN CASE OF On-line exam

Students will have to take both a written test (on Moodle) and a short oral exam (via Zoom or Meet or Cisco-Webex softwares).

?     a written test on Moodle Platform (13 true/false questions and 2 multiple choices questions). True/false questions will give 1 point when the answer is correct, 0 point when non aswered, and -0,5 points when the answer is wrong; multiple choices questions will give 2, 0, -1 points). The written test lasts 12 minutes. There are 17 points available, and the minimum mark to access the oral exam is 6 points. To pass the written test, students must be registered to the Agrifood Economics 2020-21 course.

?     a short oral exam in the same day of the written test with about 2-3 questions. There are 17 points available for the oral exam.

The final mark will be the sum of both written and oral exam, plus points gained with the two non-compulsory exercises


IN CASE OF Exam in presence

The test will last one hour, with 10 true/false questions (max 1 point each) and 5 open questions (max 5 points each).

All students 2020/21 should study on both videolectures and slides (available on Moodle) to pass the exam.



Optional exercises

The marks obtained in the test will give the final mark of the exam. Marks obtained from the optional exercises will be added to the mark obtained from the exam.


Students from previous a.ys.

Attending students from previous academic years will study on both slides and notes taken during the classes of their a.y., and pass only an oral exam (no written test). When registering to the exam, students must write in the notes that they want to pass the exam on previous academic years programs.



 Master dissertations in Agrifood Economics (thesis)

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Master Degree "Design of Sustainable Tourims Systems"

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Lectures 21/22



Mod.I: Basic principles of agricultural economics

24/02/2022 Introduction to the course

25/02/2022 Specificity of agricultural sector

03/03/2022 Supply rigidity and fixed costs

04/03/2022 Johnson's model

10/03/2022 The importance of time

11/03/2022 The cobwed theorem

17/03/2022 Specificity of agricultural sector

18/03/2022 Specificity of agricultural sector

24/03/2022 Food demand 

25/03/2022 Price variability in the medium and long run


Mod.II: Modernization and agribusiness

31/03/2022 Productivism: principles  

01/04/2022 Role of agriculture

07/04/2022 The CAP: first period

08/04/2022 The CAP: first period

21/04/2022 The CAP: first and second period

22/04/2022 The Agribusiness

28/04/2022 The Agribusiness: evolution


Mod.III: The new development model

29/04/2022 New development model

05/05/2022 New development model

06/05/2022 The evolution of the CAP

12/05/2022 Seminar Vetrina Toscana

13/05/2022 SFSCs (dott.Matteo Mengoni)

19/05/2022 Seminar Coffee market and quality differentiation


Exercise TEAM WORKS - Students' Presentations

20/05/2022 students' presentations


Seminars 21/22


12/05/2022 Seminar


Telling the story of the territory through food and wine. The case of Vetrina Toscana

dott.ssa Daniela Mugnai, Ufficio Stampa Vetrina Toscana (Regione Toscana)




19/05/2022 Seminar


Bitter truth about coffee: standards, quality, and collective action

dott.ssa Xiomara Fernanda Quinones-Ruiz (Boku University, Wien)


Movies on food & agriculture


Fork over knives - Earthlings - Cowspiracy

Food Inc. - Fast food nation - SuperSizeMe - The Milk System










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